Flirt. Much to smile, touch your hair, make sure that the boy knows that you like. Do everything that you would like to show him that you are interested in him and enjoy the fact that it is close to you. Thanks to this boy will feel more comfortable and will want to spend more time with you.randka

Tell your boyfriend how you feel, be yourself. Tell him that you like him. Do not be shy, it may adversely affect him. If you like him, just him seen. Do not be too pushy. You can therefore make the boy feel tired and just go away. Guys love when women take the initiative, but be careful and do not take things too seriously. You can therefore ruin everything.

Break the touch barrier. The first step towards kissing is touching. Find an excuse to touch his arm, hand and face. A lot of guys like to hold a woman’s hand. Hugging is also very encouraging. If you feel cold, hold for him. Buries her under his coat and talk to him face to face. This is substantially closer your face.